About T!

I have attended several educational institutions to a degree, however my main concern is not about a piece of paper I can hang on my wall or a set curriculum that includes arbitrary classes that serve no purpose in my aspirations, but a targeted approach to attain the knowledge and network of professionals that are instrumental in growing myself as a productive human being, contributing positive energy into the world of business.

I have worked solo and with small to medium teams at local and commercial printers, ad agencies, start-ups, small businesses, resorts and publications, acquiring the skills of prepress file and image preparation, web optimization, inbound marketing and video production.

The pursuit of my passions has sowed my wild oats and compelled me to direct that energy towards my career aspirations to work in an open forum environment and make an impact on the world of business with a team of like minded professionals harvesting the bounty of our reapings.


That’s me in the upper left, going the extra mile for the company I represented by getting my photograph taken at an industry function and published in one of the major magazines in which they purchased advertising.