Creating videos for your business is the best way to create content, build rapport and get ranked on Google. Not only do Youtube videos rank better, the rate of click through increases exponentially.

Depending on your industry videos can be an evergreen source of content for your site and blog as well as a source of traffic and leads. Contact me today to get the latest video ranking examples and to discuss your online inbound marketing campaign.

Terrence Gallagher – Video Reel

HoneyBlox – Explainer Video

REW Corporation – Warren Buffett Investor Video

Couch Cover Installation Video

SCORE – Volunteer

BLK – Dark Side of Water

Louie Tozser Design – Accept Difference Sculpture

Law Offices of Marc Grossman – Ask A Lawyer

Rockaways Concert

DingDrX Surfboard Repair – Friends of San Clemente

DingDrX Surfboard Repair – Surfrider Foundation